As a small town farm girl from northern Michigan, I feel lucky to have seen and done things around the world. Sharing my experiences and my quest for learning define me.

Dedicated to scholarship, I hold an undergraduate degree from The University of Findlay and undergraduate and graduate degrees from Central Michigan University. Additionally, I have a post-baccalaureate certificate from Saginaw Valley State University and an associate degree from Mid Michigan College.

After college graduation, I enlisted in the U.S. Army. I lived and worked for three years in Italy. At the end of my initial enlistment, I transitioned to the Army National Guard, where I deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and mobilized in defense of the National Capital Region. I retired after 20 years of service.

Outside of school, I enjoy traveling and learning about other cultures and languages. Additionally, I like being outdoors, expanding my knowledge, and conducting genealogical research. I also have an interest in technology.

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Technology Skills

To be successful in the 21st century, students need to be digitally literate. As a lead learner, it is my responsibility to know, utilize, and model digital citizenship in the classroom.

While I don't consider myself a techie, friends, and family often seek me out for technology advice and help. I'm knowledgeable about different types of programs and software because I'm a quick learner and not afraid to try new things.

In addition to earning multiple educational technology certifications, I'm also familiar with the following categories of web 2.0 tools.

Global COmpetence

The modern mindset is global. Fortunately, I've had many opportunities for multicultural interactions. I've always been intrigued by people who are different from me.

Through personal and professional means, I've traveled extensively both domestically and internationally. The current count is 43 states and 13 countries.

But, my interest in diversity and other cultures doesn't end with travel. I've been fortunate to live and work abroad twice.

Additionally, I've been an active volunteer in organizations focused on other cultures.

Along with native fluency in English, I have experience with German, Italian, French, Spanish, and Arabic. And, through work as a private tutor, I understand the special needs of English Language Learners.

Professional Development

To be a subject matter expert, a teacher must continually learn more about the craft of teaching and about his/her chosen fields of study. Thus, I continually seek opportunities to learn in addition to self-reflection and colleague observation.

Honors and Awards

Due to my work ethic and mission focus, I have received recognition in many areas of my life.


Academically, I have been honored with the following awards:


Throughout my military career, I have been recognized on numerous occasions including

Volunteer activities

They say it takes a village to raise a child. My thought is that the best way to get the village involved is to be involved in the village. Not only does it make the teacher a role model for the students, it also emphasizes the importance of others in the learning process. As such, I have participated in a number of community activities and organizations.

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"... I have had several student teachers over the years and [Cheryl] ranks right up there among the best... [Cheryl] relates well to students and has earned our students' respect..."

Matt R., Host Teacher


"[Cheryl] was skilled at adapting her lessons to meet the varied needs of her students and flexible in her planning and delivery... maintaining interest and excitement..."

John W., University Supervisor


"[Cheryl] is willing to try new ideas and is not afraid to let kids get up and move while learning..."

Leah M., Host Teacher


"[Cheryl's] lessons were well planned based on students' ability level... She showed great enthusiasm and concern for the students."

Patricia F., Host Teacher


"[Cheryl] circulates around the room to give assistance... students are on task and actively involved in the learning process.."

Kareem L., University Supervisor


"[Mrs. Jindeel] listened to us and accepted our thoughts and ideas."

Derek W., Student


"[Mrs. Jindeel] taught me how to work for my grades, and helped me as I needed it along the way."

James B., Student


"[Mrs. Jindeel] always found diverse ways to teach us things and things never became 'routine'..."

Casey G., Student


"... [Cheryl's] performance was consistently at a level expected of a much more experienced Non-Commissioned Officer... [she] has been a mentor and coach for younger Soldiers to emulate..."

Amanda F., Supervisor