EDUC5020 Portfolio


Future Ready Schools. (31 December 2015). English: The Seven Gears of the Future Ready Schools Framework [Image].

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Use of Space and Time

Robust Infrastructure

Data and Privacy

Community Partnerships

Personalized Professional Learning

Budget and Resources

Gear 7 - Budget and Resources

Collaborative Leadership


Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

While all of the gears are important, I believe Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment is the most important. The gear is based on teaching, which is the essence of our profession. I also believe this is something my district (and school) does well based on the five gear elements.

This particular gear taught me how a unified outlook can guide a district, especially when leadership shares the same goals. When leaders are involved with and support teachers it creates an environment that encourages teacher-driven initiatives and student-centered learning. In order for a district to be innovative, leadership must also be innovative.

Community Partnerships

I chose the Community Partnerships gear to reflect on because I believe it is the second most important gear, behind Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. They say it takes a village to raise a child. That is what this gear is about. Bridging the community-school gap is done by communicating with community stakeholders.

Communication between the community and district and school leadership is essential to creating partnerships that benefit all students. It opens the doorway for learners to reach their learning goals and get to know their community. Leadership needs to initiate open communication through all channels possible. This promotes transparency.

Personalized Professional Development

The gear that affects me directly is Personalized Professional Development. Our district has different options available for professional development. By allowing options, they are creating a learner-centered environment, which is what they want us to create for our students. The district and school are supportive of teachers when the teacher has identified areas they would like to improve or strengthen.

Leadership who listens to the needs of their staff have happier staff and more innovation in the school and district. Leaders are also mentors. They are future-thinking. They know that personalization leads to innovation and innovation leads to improved student success.

Collaborative Leadership

The Collaborative Leadership gear is another that affects me directly. I am at a school that relies on collaborative leadership to make decisions. The school has many opportunities to be a teacher leader and have your voice heard. Those in leadership positions collaborate and influence other teachers. They make things happen at the school!

I learned that collaborative leadership empowers teachers and staff. Just like district leaders need to have the same vision as the district, the same is true for other leaders within the school system. It is through a shared vision that innovative ideas take shape. Leadership that has trust in their teachers empowers them.